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Tric Trac Trio
Wow Terre
Label: AZ Productions 2011
Pirly Zurstassen: Accordion / composition
Julien Delbrouck: Bass Clarinet / Baritone Sax
Wouter Roggemans: Drum / Percussion 

Wow Terre/Label: AZ Productions

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Tric Trac Trio

A trio full of brio, soft and light, breathless and rhythmic, charming and shiny.

April 2009, Pirly Zurstrassen composed 7 songs inspired by the texts from Jacques Stenberg, belgian writer of fantasy.

Pirly contacted Wouter Roggemans to work this new music and ideas.

Musically, the evidence was it must be three musicians to find the musical balance. Then he involved Julien Delbrouck a young musician playing the baritone sax and bass clarinet, whose role is twofold, to be the melodist and the bassist.

A new musical project certified "Labelge" 100%

Tour Dates

13/03/2013 Pelzer Jazz Club, Liege (B)

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