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The Shuffle Demons
Cluster Funk - Linus Entertainment 2012


    Streetniks (1986)
    Bop Rap (1988)
    What Do You Want? (1990)
    Alive in Europe (1992)
    Extra Crispy (1993)
    Get Right EP (1995)
    Greatest Hits (2004)
    Clusterfunk (2012)

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The Shuffle Demons

What do you get when you cross 3 amazing saxophonists dressed in wacky clothes, a crazy dancing drummer and a killer upright bass player and have them sing songs about Buses, Roaches and Hockey and spend 1/2 their time playing in the audience?

The Shuffle Demons, that's what!!!

They were a band that captured the imagination of a generation with their antics and amazing no holds barred playing and stopped traffic on a regular basis.

And now they're back!!

The rest is history!

The Shuffle Demons released 6 albums and 7 videos in their 23 year career.
They played 1000s of shows at every major jazz and folk festival in Canada during 20 Canadian tours.
They toured Europe 15 times playing from Estonia to Italy, from the Netherlands to Norway, from Switzerland to Sweden, from Germany to Belgium.

And all the while they kept audiences excited, dancing and smiling as they built up a solid fan base that to this day will never forget the music and the antics... stopping traffic with the famous 'Spadina Bus' walk around, playing a Mingus tune and really meaning it, thrashing around the stage in crazy interpretive dance, delivering the classic poem 'What do you Want.'

Tour Dates

11/01/14 New York Hilton Hotel New York, NY (US)
25/01/14 Hot Club de Lyon (FR)
10/05/14 Lagerhaus, Bremen (GER)
16/05/14 Stellwerk Hamburg (GER)
17/05/14 Görlitz Jazzfest Landskron Braumanufaktur, (GER)
16/08/2014 Haliburton Forest Festival, Haliburton, Ontario (CAN)

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