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The Grand Cosmic Journey is an attempt to revisit these golden years where music broke the boundaries of art and cultures, where music was imagined by some of the
most innovative composers and sound designers of these last decades, such as Sun Ra, Charles Mingus, Jimi Hendrix, Hermeto Pascoal, and Frank Zappa.

Powered by the internationally recognized musical talents of clarinetist Michel Pilz, saxophonist Roby Glod and keyboardist Leon den Engelsen, The Grand Cosmic
Journey extends the Benoit Martiny Band experience back to this period when free jazz gave birth to krautrock. 

The concert has been recorded at Like a Jazz Machine Festival May 9 2014 by BYP and Arte.  With the addition of 3 HD camcorders and the work of Rico Quenin on the sound this version of the movie is the best rendering of the event you can found about the performance of the band that night.  The editing  made ​​by Remi Corsin is very close to every movement developed in the music.

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