Jerry Šenfluk & his Capital Swing Release Details

Jerry Šenfluk & his Capital Swing

CD - Digital Release 1998

1. Air Condition Breakdown
2. Si Tu Vois Ma Mère
3. Never Say Never Again
4. Just A Gigolo
5. Sweet Lorraine
6. Nuages
7. I Love Paris
8. The Mountains Of Mourn
9. Mon Homme
10. Minor Swing
11. Pas De Chat
12. Raindrops

With Jerry Šenfluk (clarinet); Phil Parnell (piano); John Rees-Jones (double bass); Rex Bennett (drums); Nils Solberg (guitar) and special guest Janusz Carmello (pocket trumpet).
Recorded at Wave Studios, Twickenham, UK, in 1997 and live at the Salle de Fêtes, Munster, Alsace, in 1997.