J4F - Making-of Amor Robot

posted 5 Apr 2013, 01:21 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 8 Apr 2013, 04:38 ]

The band from Barcelona, releases this week
the new anticipated EP Amor Robot.

The EP has been recorded and mixed at
TAPE TONE studio in Barcelona by  Berni & Marti 
and  J4F.

The mixing of the voices and the mastering have
been done by J4F at Golfes de Sant Quiric estudio.
Cover design: Amós & Ermen

J4F - Amor Robot EP - Some pics from the studio

posted 18 Mar 2013, 08:43 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 18 Mar 2013, 08:46 ]

J4F completed the recording of "Armor Robot", the next EP from the band of Barcelona.
The EP will be released soon at the end of March.

Here some pics shooted during the recording session
(more to be found on the facebook page of the band).

J4F New EP To Be Released

posted 6 Mar 2013, 03:09 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 6 Mar 2013, 03:17 ]

In a couple of weeks we hope to have all the new release material from the band of Barcelona.
A new 3 songs EP called Amor Robot will be released.

Stay tuned!

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