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Coming Soon! BMB - Isolation Nation DVD (Jazz-Rock)

posted 22 Jan 2013, 12:24 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 5 May 2013, 05:04 ]
Here some details about the 1st DVD from BMB:
The live has been recorded at Melusina in Luxembourg
during the band's release party of Isolation Nation
in November 2010.

1. Live Chapter
The track listing will included the following songs:

Present Dance
Seriously Damaged
Out of the Bubble
No Choice
Seriously Funked UP
Suicide City
Bombay in a Hideout
Exile Island
Isolation Nation

2. Videoclip
Videoclip Isolation Nation

3. BMB's Interview
4. Bonus
Extra Live performance recorded at the Trifolion Echternach
recorded live 16/03/2013