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The Grand Cosmic Journey - Join the Crowdfunding Campaign!

posted 22 Dec 2015, 05:11 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 22 Dec 2015, 05:29 ]

The Grand Cosmic Journey - Join the Crowdfunding Campaign! 

Help us to release in digipack (including a CD & a DVD) the new project of the jazz drummer Benoit Martiny: The Grand Cosmic Journey.

The crowdfunding campaign has just started HERE

Message from Benoit Martiny

Dear friends and fans, The Benoit Martiny Band presents to you the Grand Cosmic Crowdfunding, a project to finance the release of our Live Album CD and DVD "The Grand Cosmic Journey", a special concert that was recorded in Dudelange at the Opderschmelz during the "Like a Jazz Machine" festival May 9th 2014.  The Grand Cosmic Journey is an extension of the BMB experience, powered by the ominous presences of Michel Pilz on bass clarinet, Roby Glod on saxophones and Leon Den Engelsen on organs and keys, all enhanced with the psychedelic images from the VJ-projections. We will release this DVD/CD on the 26th of February 2016 at the same epic place it was recorded, the Opderschmelz in Dudelange.  

As you know, producing and releasing music costs money and on top of that we at BMB believe that music and art should be as free and independent as possible, that's why we kindly ask you, the fans of the band and the friends of our music, but also the culture and music lovers, to support this project. You can grant us any amount you wish and the best part is: you'll get something in return, like for example the new DVD, or a drum lesson from me, depending on how much ($$$) you support us.  

Thank you very much! Greetings and salutations,