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BMB TrauerTour in Japan - Diary 1

posted 25 Aug 2013, 01:59 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 25 Aug 2013, 01:59 ]

Well, it's friday morning and it's time to start our insaaaane BMB-Japantour-diary.

I would have started to write yesterday already but we were having too much fun discovering Mito and eating our first Sushi. 

As I write this Sandor is already off finding a massage and the other guys I haven't seen around yet.  Anyway,  Mito is a town about 2 hours north of Tokyo and we came here by Bus yesterday with Stephane Chapuy and Mr. Miyakawa.  Both of these men are taking care of us on our first Tourdate.  Mr. Miyakawa brought us to lunch and dinner yesterday (eating is most important on Tour and in exotic countries) and after dinner he even knew about the going-ons of an exclusive Beatles-Party.  This Party made me really happy: only Beatles Music on vinyl and a bunch of young japanese people having fun.We invited everyone to our show today in a place that everyone calls 'Bubble' here. 

Earlier yesterday, when most of the band tried to get a rest and sleep out the jetlag, Sandor and I checked out the shopping malls.  We entered some Arcade-gaming place and my god, I dont know if it was the jetlag, but we nearly got a seizure from all the lights in that place.  Don't need any drugs here, thats for sure.  There is not much more that happened until no except that we got the sad news from home that another of our old Musicteachers left the planet for good.  RIP Kris Goessen.  Again a reminder to enjoy our time on this world to the maximum!

So tonite we will kick it on our first gig in Japan.  See you all after that, wish us luck!