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Bill Evans
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1990 Petite Blonde / Vansman Records
2000 Soul Insider / Vansman Records
2005 Soul Bop Band / BHM Productions
2005 Soulgrass 
2008 The Other Side of Something /
Vansman Records
2010 Vans Joint / Vansman Records
2012 Dragonfly / Vansman Records

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Bill Evans & his Soulgrass Band

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Grammy-winning saxophonist Bill Evans first joined Miles Davis's group in 1980 at the age of 22. He went on to record six records and tour the world with Davis numerous times over a four-year period. He then toured and recorded with John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin, Steps Ahead, and Mick Jagger, among others, garnering a few Grammy Awards along the way.

Since 1990, Evans has been touring almost exclusively with his own band, playing well over 100 concerts worldwide per year. He has recorded19 solo albums including his latest, Dragonfly (2011), receiving two Grammy nominations in the process. Throughout his more than 20-year career as a solo artist, he has explored a variety of musical settings that go well beyond the confines of traditional jazz, including rock, hip-hop, jam, fusion, soul, and slamming funk. He recently stepped into more adventurous territory with his 2006 Grammy-nominated release Soulgrass, blending jazz, funk, and bluegrass into a seamless and wholly unique hybrid of quintessentially American styles.

His follow-up to that widely acclaimed project found him pushing the envelope a little further in the hybrid direction on 2008's The Other Side of Something. "It's an extension of it seemed like a very natural thing for me to do." Evans returned to the studio to produce and record the third Soulgrass album Dragonfly, his latest effort, in 2011. Of the record, Evans says: "This CD is a melting pot of styles that work very well together. I have been working with banjo together with the guitar for over six years and, at this point, we have created our own sound. It is Americana-meets-soul-meets-jazz in a new kind of way. There are no boundaries here."


A member of Soulgrass since early 2006, banjoist Ryan Cavanaugh has explored the stylistic potentials of the banjo and electric banjo for over 20 years. The immensely talented drummer Josh Dion simultaneously sings and plays drums like only he can do, in his own unique and soulful way. Both he and Bill co-wrote many of the new songs on the new CD, Dragonfly. . New Yorker Mitch Stein is best known for his work with David Sanborn, The Brecker Brothers, and Steve Kimock and Dave Anderson on bass. It is this combination of style and talent that make Soulgrass what it is.

Tour Dates

18/08/14 Wills Mountain Festival  Bedford, PA (US)
31/08/14 SPACE Evanston, IL (US)
12/09/14 StageOne Fairfield, CT (US) 
13/09/14 The Ardmore Music Hall,  PA (US)

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