BMB TrauerTour in Japan - Diary 3 - Playing Sapporo Jazz Festival

posted 30 Aug 2013, 04:51 by Badass YogiProd   [ updated 30 Aug 2013, 04:53 ]

What a night, what a show!!

I am pleased to say that our first concert in Japan was a big success. 
The people really loved our music and had as much a great time as we did.  Some people bought our Album already before we even played....
Now thats the first time that ever happened.  There s just a huge music-culture here.  There were 3 other japanese bands playing yesterday and they were really cool too. 
I think the only thing that we did not enjoy yesterday was that strange drink Frank ordered called "Red Eye".  We stayed at the Club til the end (yes, we are hardcore jazz-rockers) and then went to eat (of course, what else?).  We had a really good time eating so we only got back to the hotel at sunrise...the only problem with that was that now we are all a little tired, sitting here at the Ibaraki Airport ready to fly to Sapporo....but ok, we are Young enough to take that.  Earlier today we spent time playing arcade-games.  Mr. Miyakawa was joining on that one.Stephane went back to Tokyo, but we'll meet him again on Tuesday.  I have to say that we are treated really nice here, people are very respectful and polite, I think Europe could take a piece of that ;-). 
Anyway, time to get going.  Tonite we'll still have a rehearsal with Cheryl Lynn who wants everyone on the Sapporo Jazzfestival to join her on her last song.  Lets see how that will turn out. 
By the way, our soundcheck will be tomorrow at 7 in the morning.....that will be a first. 
I wish I could tell you more decadent stories, but we are just nice boys I guess.....but the Tour isn t finished yet hehehe  ;-)

Keep on rocstay tuned for more tomorrow.  Banzaiiiiiiii

Sapporo Jazzfestival was awesome and a big succes!Thanks to all the people there, we had a great time.

TOKYO: After an incredible day in Sapporo we made it to Tokyo. 
The festival yesterday was really a good experience.  The stage was great, the sound was amazing and the audience was beautiful.  And even though it was raining at times people enjoyed themselves.  We already played quite early so we had the whole day to meet with people, drink Sapporo beer and Sake.  At some point there were so many nice people around us, taking pictures with us, giving us food and drinks that Frank suggested that we might have died and gone to heaven...
We also met quite a lot of musicians, like the guys from the australien band "Vaudeville Smash" and then the musicians from Cheryl Lynn's band. 
There was for example Mr. Ray Parker Jr., the man who wrote the Ghostbusters song and is a fantastic guitarplayer.  The drummer was Ricky Lawson, an amazing guy as well.  So next time I'm in LA I have some new friends to visit.  The song with Cheryl LYnn was great fun too.Jasper got to play a little solo and Frank really kicked ass on that cowbell.  We were soooo happy!!  So today after a ride on the Ferriswheel and some gaming at the arcade in Sapporo we went to the airport to take the next plane. 
As so often we were a bit sucked by the aircompany because of our instruments (thats why we really need a privatjet) but finally after landing in Tokyo and having a fantastic Noodlesoup we found our happiness again.  Now its 3 in the morning and soon Stephane will come and pick us up to go visit Tokyo.
What a life we have! 
We wont be millionaires but we see the world.  At times like these It really pays off to be a musician  :-)
Good night