Benoît Martiny Band (BMB)

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Benoît Martiny Band (BMB)
The Grand Cosmic Journey/BYP - CD - DVD - NEW

2005 Jazz goes Garage/WPR
2008 Benoît Martiny Band/Quinto Quarto
2010 Isolation Nation/BYP
2013 Trauerspill/BYP 
2014 Are You Isolated?/BYP  - DVD
2015 Are You Isolated?/BYP  - Digital HD Audio 
2016 The Grand Cosmic Journey/BYP - CD - DVD

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[Benoît Martiny Band] 
Formed in 2004 the Benoit Martiny Band's roots are in the dusty garage of its leader's house, in the small luxemburgish village of Rameldange. 

In this place, that still frequently hosts the band's rehearsal, through the years drummer Benoit Martiny developed with his bandmates an original musical style, that draws its identity from the composite background of the musicians, ranging from jazz and blues to garage rock, trash, experimental noise.

The band released "Jazz goes Garage" in 2005, their first album, and only in 2008 they released a second one which was recorded in Brussels, and was simply called "Benoit Martiny Band".  In the same year they also won the 1st prize of the 2008 Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award!

BMB has been performing in many different venues all over Europe (Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Belgium...).

The 4th album of the gang is released, the successor of Isolation Nation is now available in CD and vinyl.

With the participation of Dutch singer Mark Lotterman, BMB delivers an album drawing its inspiration from the best of 70s rock. 

Always with an experimental touch, the musical arrangements were particularly neat and diverse, with the participation of a horn section and percussionists. The work of Leon den Engelse for the first time behind the keyboards adds a very modern touch to all.

[Tour Dates 2016]
12/08/2016 E-Lake Festival - Echternach - GDL
13/08/2016 L'Interview - Luxembourg -  GDL
14/08/2016 Beim Buer - Rameldange on Fire - GDL
22/09/2016 2 spieghels - Leiden - Netherlands
23/09/2016 Freakshow festival -  Wuerzburg - Germany
24/09/2016 Wine note jazzbar - Thionville - France 
25/09/2016 Refugee camp - Luxembourg - GDL
26/09/2016 Radio Rijnmond - Rotterdam - Netherlands
26/09/2016 Matrix - Rotterdam - Netherlands

[Latest News]
  • BMB - European Club Shows Announced BMB will be on Tour in clubs in September the first gigs announced are:22/09/2016 2 spieghels - Leiden - Netherlands23/09/2016 Freakshow festival -  Wuerzburg - Germany24/09 ...
    Posted 23 May 2016, 08:33 by Badass YogiProd
  • BMB September 2015 Touring in Venezuela After playing in Asia and Middle East, BMB will land for first time in South America to play a couple of gigs and spread their Psychedelic Jazz-Rock in Venezuela ...
    Posted 24 Aug 2015, 03:58 by Badass YogiProd
  • BMB at Blues'n Jazz Rally in Luxembourg July 25th BMB will play an exclusive gig in Luxembourg city this year July 25that Blues'n Jazz Rally on the Jazz Bubbles Stage.The show is scheduled at 9 pm ...
    Posted 10 Jul 2015, 03:28 by Badass YogiProd
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